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As your Wi-Fi specialist Lumiad offers reliable and secure working conditions.  Imagine always having wireless access to your network, internet, email and files. Fast and secure thanks to an excellent Wi-Fi solution. Lumiad provides wireless networks with ample coverage and capacity. Overloaded networks and insufficient coverage are not an option!

Wireless network with Wi-Fi

Lumiad is the “go to” company when it comes to Wi-Fi. All its Wi-Fi solutions meet the highest requirements in the industry. This is achieved by working closely with clients and listening carefully to their company’s needs. Based on these needs a tailored solution is designed. Lumiad has experience with any situation; whether you are looking for a solution for your office (secure access to your network), your warehouse (localization and scanning) or first aid (alarms and calls).

Take a look at these examples of solutions in different branches to see how a  Wi-Fi wireless network can facilitate your business needs.

Your Wi-Fi is our concern!

That’s the motto of Lumiad. Do you have questions or do you want a second opinion about your current wireless network environment? Do you want your network optimized to cut costs? The strength of Lumiad is it’s professionalism, skill management and reliable assessments.

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Lumiad guarantees high quality service. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Read more about Lumiad or contact us today.

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